Established in 2014, Xianlife is committed to the empowerment of retailing by providing operational and integrated solutions in the convenience store industry.


The Xianlife application was officially launched online in December 2014. It is the first international e-business platform in China that provides select cross-border products. It has received $4.38 million of A round funding.


Xianlife’s ten-thousand-square-meter self-operated warehouse has been put into use, making 3-day domestic delivery a possible thing.


Xianlife closed a $10 million A round investment from Bertelsmann Asia Investments (BAI) and CDH Investment.


Xianlife's community convenience store chain "Xianyizhan" starts to prepare for construction and trial operation.


Xianyizhan helped create a service network within minutes’ walk by cooperating with a bunch of takeout platforms including Yiguo Market, Taobao, Meituan Takeout, Baidu Takeout, Jingdong Home, Eleme.


We completed a $5 million A+ round investment from Qunyi, Xinyuan MOMA and renewed fund from BAI, CDH.


We began strategic cooperation with Green Town Property Service (HK2869), a listed company in Hong Kong, and accelerated the nationwide distribution of offline networks.


Xianyizhan extended to Hangzhou, and opened three new stores there.


Xianlife has closed B series of tens of millions of dollars in financing, introducing a new strategy investor Yiguo.


The joint venture by Xianlife, Green Town Property Service Limited ("Green Town") and Yiguo E-commerce Limited ("Yiguo") from Shanghai acquire Hi-24 Co., Ltd. ("Haolinju"), a convenience store chain based in Beijing from Morgan Stanley with US$84 million.


The Haolinju member stores upgraded by Xianlife harvested 350% increase in single store sales.


Haolinju launched the 2.0 version of store models. In Beijing there are two models – member stores and business center stores; in Hangzhou, five models are put into operation: community-based fresh product stores, high-tech stores in business centers, Green Orange enclosed community stores, intelligent unmanned stores, and Green Orange business center stores.


Xianlife signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Face++, and jointly established the AI New Retail Research Institute to further explore integrated solutions to digital retailing.


In Sep. 2018, Tmall future store was opened for the first time. As a significant operation partner, Xianlife participated in shop design, product selection, back-end management system and offline store management of future stores.


Xiao Xin attended 19th World Knowledge Forum in Seoul, South Korea. Under the theme of "New Retail Revolution in the area of Chinese Convenience Stores", Xiao Xin told stories of caring people in every city with?a sympathetic?heart?by helping convenience stores light up "City Light" through AI.


Xianlife received new fund with $20 million USD from Face++, a leading AI company in China, and other Korean investors such as SBI, KB and Woori bank. As a previous shareholder of Xianlife, BAI also decided to further invest.


Xianlife led equity re-structuring of Hi-24 and introduced a new shareholder Face++. The valuation of Hi-24 doubled to $2 billion, compared with the end of last year.


Xianlife officially launched a wholly brand new system called "Downstairs" in the financing conference.

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